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I Am Her Human


M stands for Maui



Maui is sitting on the floor next to my chair as I type.  She is my supervisor. I am her human.

When Maui saw me for the first time, she knew she had found the one being who would see to her every need, accommodate her every whim. As she was placed in the palm of my hand, I knew I had been commissioned by a higher authority. The look in her eyes told me all I needed to know. I’ll show you.


Maui at 6 or 7 weeks old.

The look in her eyes.


I was speechless. Her very presence was spellbinding. What could I say to those eyes?  How could I resist the hypnotizing power? I couldn’t. I didn’t want to. I had no choice, but to comply.  She was the Count Dracula to my Jonathan Harker. I was trapped in her castle, her fluffy, adorable castle.

It’s at this time that I noticed the M. It was plain to see. Do you see the M? It’s right there on her forehead. I was her slave. She was my Master. She knew who she was all along. She knew the devastating effects of her cuteness. My life was forfeit, living to only satiate her lust for Delicat and Fancy Feast. This was no game.


Maui is my master.

She plays no games.


Almost five years later, Maui is the constant guardian. She watches over me. I go out into the world, suffer long hours of painstaking labor to satisfy her every need. She has no thought or care for my afflictions, only the desire to supervise, and sleep.

Once it was Maui, placed in the palm of my hand. Now, it is I who resides in the cup of her paw.

I love you, Maui. I am your human.


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